Saturday, November 2, 2013

If the cap fits ...

Came home to an unexpected mess --- one of the cats (Yeah, Big Boy, I'm talking to you) had knocked over a plant.  A just-watered plant that left a pile of wet dirt on the carpet.

So, out with the rug cleaning machine.  Unfortunately, when I put the pieces together, I realized that the water tank's screw cap was missing.  Our search turned up ... Nada. (Though I continue to hope that one of the cats decided it was a hockey puck and flipped it under the fridge.

Now what?  I looked through our collection of jars and stray caps, but nothing fit.  Then I had a brainstorm ... opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of juice that happens to have a plastic screw cap.  Bingo!  It fit.

So, the rug got cleaned. (Ever try to get real, live dirt out of a carpet? Ugh.)  The well-washed cap is back on the juice bottle for now, but it will have a new home very soon.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Good thinking DW!!! Way to make do.

God bless.