Sunday, October 27, 2013

Use it up: Money!

  Well, yeah, I do a good job of that anyway ....

  Have started taking stock of a few things as we head toward the end of the year (and how the heck did that happen?).  

Realized that I had a few half-used gift cards  and a few "rewards" points from various stores.  So, time to put them to use! (And give my budget a rest.)

Couple of things that have helped: 
    I tuck a card or two in my wallet, so I'll actually have them when I'm in the store. (I have the bad habit of putting them aside ... oh, sure, I'll remember to bring them along ... not!)

    Since I can't remember exactly when those ECBs expire, I now enter those dates into the calendar on my phone.  Now I get a digital nudge ...

    So far, so good.   There was  enough  on one card to buy a small turkey breast (on sale) at the market.   And used some rewards points for stuff at the office supply store...

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