Friday, October 11, 2013

Turn off that light!

 ... which is hard to do when the light switch isn't working properly.   

       But, fortunately, it's an easy fix ... 54 cents for a new switch, a few minutes of my time and we're back in business.

      I wish the other repairs were as easy ... or should I say that inexpensive.  For the second month in a row, the casa de chaos has been walloped with 3-figure fixes ... the sump pump (which died during a rather rainy week) and the pump on the air bed. (in the past decade, we've also replaced both air bladders ... though I suppose by now it would be time to replace a conventional mattress, and would have cost a great deal more.)

      The dehumidifier has kicked off, too ... trying to determine if that  can be fixed.  If not, there's a potential replacement in the wings.   

     (And that's why an emergency fund is a good thing, eh?)

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