Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Unexpected linens

        On a whim, I stopped at our Goodwill outlet ..
      And this, dear friends, is where I tend to get in trouble. 

       I was looking for something specific, but came out with:
       1 snowman flannel sheet. I thought was that this would be good fabric for a project.  When I got it home, I realized that it was queen-size.  And I don't have any flannel sheets for the queen-size guest bed.  Uh, oh.
         1 flannel regular-size pillowcase with snowmen. (Why, yes, I like snowmen. Why do you ask?)   My first thought was a project, but nah ... this one's for me.
      1 swath of plaid material.  I believe it is a flannel sheet, though the texture is a bit rough. (Fortunately, it doesn't fit any of the beds.) It might make a nice tablecloth or topper with matching napkins. It also might make good fabric for those sleep pants I still intend to sew. We shall see.

      And 1 large plastic flowerpot....

       Can't say I broke the bank here. I spent all of  $3.28. But I'm supposed to be decluttering!

(Oh yeah ... any fabric/clothing from the thrift store gets bagged, and once home,  gets a good shaking outside, then goes straight to the washer.)


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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the black and white snowman fabric!