Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cheaper Tide?

  In the news ....

 Proctor & Gamble is going to sell a less-expensive version of its flagship detergent. 

But as growth in developed markets has slowed and P&G expands in emerging markets, the company has been working to become more balanced in its offerings, with more goods at both the low and high end of the price spectrum.
"There are consumers for whom a lower price is a more critical element of their personal value equation," said CEO A.G. Lafley at a Barclays conference in Boston on Wednesday. "We need to have brands and products that are relevant for them as well, and we increasingly will."

   Interesting .... I wonder what the difference will be.  I generally don't use the product, but I have friends who swear by it.  I wonder how well the "cheaper" version would go over with them.

     Anyway, here's the link:

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