Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh, that's gonna hurt

       Saw a sign at the entrance of my Meijer store:  Starting Aug. 25, they are no longer doubling coupons.

       Big ouch!  

       Meijer's been my go-to store for double coupons for the past couple of years. Apparently I was in minority here, the chain is saying that only about 5% of its shoppers took advantage of them.  But combined with sales, I've managed to get some pretty good deals, even if I haven't had "Extreme Couponing" totals. (Apparently, this is chain-wide, and the company is definitely getting some blowback on Facebook.)

     Can't say I'm surprised. Kroger just stopped doubling coupons in my area, and the regional chain here stopped a couple of months ago.  Meijer's also been pushing its digital coupons, though of course, they don't double.

    So ...  guess I'll be looking for the higher-value coupons. I also suspect I'll be buying fewer brand names, since in many cases, double coupons gave them a price advantage.

Dodge and weave ... dodge and weave ....

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CTMOM said...

DW, a few years ago, a higher price, family grocery store did away with double coupons. They lost my business as they were a bit out of my way (still do-able with my driving route) but the coupons were a reason I could afford to shop there. Fast forward, doubled coupons returned (but there is a limit). I still don't shop there, we now have an Aldi's. : )

There are fewer and fewer coupons, most have short dates-within a month, and most are for very little such as 20 cents off of laundry detergent.