Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miss me?

Coastal Maine
    Been away for a few days for vacation and to check in on some family.  (Nice thing about blogs ... you can always write ahead.)

    Came back to an over flowing cucumber patch ... I see salsa and salad in my future, LOL!

    Came back to the usual something-broke-in-the-house-and-has-to-be-fixed, too.  So, time to dig out those coupons and set up some appointments.

I always struggle with the idea of vacations now ... seems like a major layoff at work usually takes place right before I'm set to leave.

On the other hand, living in fear isn't good either.  So, I spend mindfully at home so we can afford to have these experiences -- and spend mindfully on the experiences themselves. ( I just don't make any plans that can't be cancelled quickly.)

 When things change financially, then we'll adjust.

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Stacie said...

What a pretty picture. I've never been to Maine, but it looks lovely.