Saturday, August 24, 2013

Feeling scrappy

          I know, you're wondering just what that mess is.

          Well, I got bit (slightly) by the decluttering bug ... mostly because I was tired of looking at the fabric scraps piled in the sewing room. 

         I set aside several pieces that could be cut into squares ... ultimately to be used in a comforter project I need to finish. (Yeah, one of these days.)

        The rest were cut into 1-inch strips to use in a long delayed project -- a bit of locker hooking.  (It's like latch hooking, but the implement looks like a crochet hook with a needle's eye at the end.

        Saw this demonstrated at a quilt store a while back and decided that I had to try it.  Unfortunately, it got pushed to the background as other things popped up, but methinks it's time to try it out.

       I'm starting with a place mat or two ... perhaps if it goes well, I'll graduate to a rug.  Seems like a nice way to use those old raggy jeans.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Locker hooking seems to be very interesting. I will be interested in seeing your project when you are finished.

God bless.