Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well, that worked out well

I had a prescription to fill, and since I have a high-deductible plan. I figured I’d be paying the full cost, since I hadn’t hit my deductible yet.

I know the drill:  I checked prices and dug up a coupon that would bring the price down to $58 at one of the big chains.  Not great, but certainly better than the $123 or more at other stores.

The pharmacy tech checked the coupon, then asked if I wanted to run it through my insurance.  Sure ..  if if nothing else, I could apply it toward the deductible..

She ran the numbers and said  “You know, with your insurance, the cost is $24.”

Sometimes, things work out better than expected.

(Though I'm a bit worried that I'm going to get a letter saying, 'Oh, we made a mistake. You owe us $100.')


Georgene G. said...

Wow! What a blessing! Good work!

CTMOM said...

Where's the like button? WTG! We just started with a high deductible ins. plan. With day to day costs, it stinks. Requires careful planning, as you did with the RX purchase.

DW said...

CT ... I was astounded. (My insurance co. just changed pharmacy plans, so maybe that's the reason.)
I'm not fond of the HD plan, either, but the premiums are significantly lower. And with the possibility of forced retirement always hanging over my head, I do like having a bit of $ put back for health-care costs later. (Not that it would last long if something major happened.)

Jackie said...

wow,that was quite the savings. Glad things worked out so well for you.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

That's great, DW! Glad you were able to pay the cheaper amount.