Monday, July 29, 2013

Repair project: mini blinds

    I find myself fixing the strangest things ...

    The mini blinds in one bedroom served us well ... until BB came along.  
     Smart boy  learned that if he wants to look out that particular window, he can just shove down a couple of slats with his paw.

     Unfortunately, the slats had become a bit brittle from age and sun ... two of them snapped at the spot where the guide rope threads through.

     I have some ideas about replacing the blind ... but I'd like the windows to look presentable till I get it done.  So...

      Simply taping the slats back together didn't work ... not enough surface.   So I cut two  thin pieces of lightweight cardboard to use as a brace ... taped one on each side of the slat.   Much better.

      It's not the most elegant fix, but unless someone's looking very closely, it's not noticeable. (And if someone is looking that closely from the outside, I'm calling the police!)

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