Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oh boy, beans!

    Green beans, that is.   

     In my mini-garden report, I picked close to a pound of  Italian, wax and regular green beans this weekend.  

     The Italians are all going in the freezer ....but definitely looking forward to having the rest with some meals very soon.

   On the weather front, it's now hot ... and may stay that way for a bit.  I suspect I'll be going through the saved rainwater very quickly.   I also suspect that's going to be it for the lettuce, which lasted longer than I expected due to the cooler, rainy weather .

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Jackie said...

DW, we have had 2 meals of green beans this week. Harvey plans on picking more tomorrow if the ground dries a bit. I think I will be making a few jars of pickled beans tomorrow, putting some in the crisper for a meal and if there are any left....into the freezer they go.

God bless.