Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Markdown deals

I've been noting the increases in meat prices, which makes me a bit nervous because my  freezer stocks are starting to go down.

I did, however, managed to find some nice deals in the markdown bins ... aided by a couple of rare coupons for fresh pork.

At my usual supermarket, I picked up a roughly 4 lbs package of country ribs marked down to $6.21; the $1 off coupon brought it to $5.21, or about $1.30 a pound.

My next scores came when I stopped into a regional chain supermarket here to grab their loss leader for the holiday -- ground beef at $1.79 a pound.   I realized pretty quickly it was markdown day!   So, I also snagged:

  • A 2 lbs package of loin cut chops  for $3.28, and used another coupon to get it for $2.28.  These were really thick chops -- managed to get 5 servings from them!
  • 2 packages (about 2 lbs each) of turkey drumsticks, one for $2.40, the other for $2.52.  They've been baked, and I plan to strip off the meat for various dishes, then use the bones for broth.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are great deals!

Jackie said...

You got some great deals on that meat DW. Congratulations.

We don't have marked down meat here in Saskatchewan. Heck we are lucky to get marked down clothing and toys!!

God bless.