Monday, July 8, 2013

Check those detectors

  My public service announcement of the day:

  Learned something today:  The smoke/carbon monoxide detector started what I thought was the "My battery is dying" squawk.   So, replaced the battery, and it began squawking again.

    So I tried another new battery.  Still squawked.  So, when all else fails, read the directions.  I discovered the squawks meant that the detector had reached the end of its  life and needed to be replaced.

  Got to admit, I didn't know they had a shelf life, but apparently the chemicals that detect CO2 break down within 5 to 7 years.

The scary part is that smoke detectors apparently have a shelf life, too.  About 10 years.  Mine are well past that, though they still scream when I burn something on the stove.

So, please check the dates on your smoke and CO2 detectors ...  if it's time, go replace them.  It's a small expense toward keeping yourself and your family safe.


CTMOM said...

I would add that this applies to rentals as well! When I moved into this rental home, while there was a smoke alarm, it was yellowed with age-clearly had been there some time! I asked that it be replaced before we moved in. LL complied. At my own expense, I added 2 CO2 detectors, both of which will go with me when we move. One is in the hall by the cellar door (furnace down cellar) and the other in the bedroom area.

Good post, thanks.

Stacie said...

Thanks, DW. I didn't know they had shelf lives, either. Good to know!

Jackie said...

Thanks DW. Just like Stacie I did not know there was and expiry date on CO2 detectors.

Gong to check ours out.

God bless.