Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garden report: A little uneven


Things are going reasonably well in the garden, but not everything is going at the same pace.

  Two tomato plants have shot up and are producing fruit.  The other six are kind of so-so.  The peppers aren't growing well, either, though a couple are trying to produce fruit.

    The beans are flowering, and the eggplant looks like it will be setting fruit very soon.

The herbs are doing nicely ... though there is the problem with the worms that attacked my kale ...

    Perhaps it's the odd weather that's affecting growth ... it's been cool and rainy for most of June, though the heat certainly has come on in the past couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

My garden is going so-so as well. My husband and I decided we wanted to mulch with wheat straw. BIG MISTAKE. We've got grass in our garden like crazy now! So I'm out there quite a bit lately pulling and trimming grass. Grrr... The squash vine borers got all my zucchini. The tomatoes and peas are doing very well, though. My kale is doing okay too.

Jackie said...

I think that the weather has a great deal to do with what is happening. We have been so cool and so wet this far that the garden and my flowers are way behind.

God bless.