Sunday, May 12, 2013

No more GreenBagTags


For those of you who shop at CVS, be aware that the GreenBagTag program has gone away.
   (For those that don't know ... you attached this tag to a reusable bag and had the clerk scan it every time you made a purchase at CVS.  For every 4 shopping visits, you got a $1 ECB.)
    I had not heard about this, so I was a bit surprised when the clerk told me this evening.  In fact, I took a spin through CVS' Web site and their Twitter and Facebook pages and didn't find any mention of it.
But all is not lost.  If you haven't used your tag since before the end of April, and you plan on shopping at CVS before the end of this month, take your tag and have the clerk scan it.  You'll get a $2 "Thank You" ECB.  (Though it has a short turnaround time ... about a week.)

Some bloggers are reporting that there's another program in the works ... guess we'll have to wait and see.

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