Wednesday, May 1, 2013


        A few weeks ago, I saw a blog post about a rebate on a well-known brand of clean-up wipes. (While I'm trying to cut back on the disposables, these do come in handy.)
        So I downloaded the form from the link provided. Filled it out,  enclosed the receipt and UPC and sent it off.
         It came back:  Offer expired. Box closed.
         A closer look at the form revealed that the offer was indeed expired.  The form was for 2012!
         D'oh!  That's what I get for not paying attention.
         But all is not lost. I did track down the correct form, and have sent that off.  Though my rebate will be 46 cents less than planned.

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Jackie said...

I think that all of us have done the expired form. Glad you were able to track the right one down.

God bless.