Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random thoughts

Just a couple of bits ....
TV? What's that?
There’s a new buzz word out there: Zero TV
Apparently, that’s the name for folks who have pretty much forsaken traditional TV. Forget cable and satellite, they don’t even bother with over-the-air TV … just watch shows via the Internet on their computers.
(We here at the Casa de Chaos are in the “cord cutter”category. We ditched the dish a couple of years ago (and don’t miss it) but still use rabbit ears for the TV.  The few non-network shows we watch are easily found on the Internet.)  
 Here's the story if you're interested:

Yeah, thanks ...

I take surveys for a bit of extra $, and I got "exciting news." 

Instead of sending me a check when I complete a survey, they're going to give me points, which I can accumulate for merchandise (or, I hope, actual money).
Can't say I'm at all excited by this. I've noticed that with other companies, the number of points needed to get anything keeps creeping up ... and the points earned are going down. 

 Just getting harder to make a buck these days, isn't it?

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