Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I ate

   Here at the Casa de Chaos, we aren't much on formal weekly meal plans.  It's more like, "Well, we'll take out some chicken and some pork, and maybe some fish, and go from there."

   So instead of a plan, I've decided to post last week's dinners ... with an eye to showing how we use various foods.  So, here goes:

Sunday: Baked Tilapia, stuffing (from a box) and salad.
Monday: ate out.
Tuesday: Pulled pork, corn and baked potatoes.
Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs (turkey meatballs made ahead and frozen). Served with salad.
Thursday: Broiled pork loin chops (with chili-lime marinade), with the last of the stuffing and corn.
Friday: Lentil soup (made ahead earlier in the week, in part to warm up the house).
Saturday: Fish tacos (designed to help use the tortillas I bought on markdown). Served with potato salad.

Last week's desserts: Fresh strawberries with either yogurt or whipped topping; whole-wheat chocolate cake  

 (and most leftovers get packaged up for work lunches...)

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Jackie said...

If there isn't enough for another supper our leftovers get used at lunch as well. Saves us lots of cash that way and nothing is wasted.

God bless.