Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting mileage out of that grapefruit

    Finally finished up the last of the fresh grapefruit I bought a couple of weeks ago.
    Never had much use for grapefruit peels, until now.  My friend Z over at Stretcher shared that she'd found a recipe for citrus vinegar (for cleaning purposes -- I have no idea if it's edible).

   The recipe is easy, put the peel in a jar of white vinegar and marinate for two weeks.  So I have a jar of "marinating" vinegar under my kitchen sink.  It's supposed to be really good for getting off soap scum. 

(Oh, and the mesh bag will make a good scrubby .. or maybe a protective cover for plants this spring.)

   And in the "use it up category,"  the chocolate angel food cake we got from the supermarket was tasty, but it kind of stuck to the sides and bottom of the pan.  No problem ... just scraped it out.  Ice cream with chocolate crumbles, anyone?


Georgene G. said...

I have a tree full of yellow grapefruit that are going to waste because no one likes to eat them. I wondered how many grapefruit peels do you put in the jar? What size jar? White vinegar or apple cider? What else could you use it for besides cleaning showers?

Last question... who is Stretcher?
Thank you so much! This may be a great way to use up those grapefruit.

DW said...

Hi Georgene:

I used a quart of white vinegar to one grapepfruit's worth of peel. I did scrape the pith off.
I use vinegar for general cleaning .. counter tops, spots off the floor, sinks.
Stretcher is my shorthand for the forums over at the dollar stretcher site,

Jackie said...

Hey DW. Good job on using everything up.

There has been talk the last little while on FL about the citrus cleaner. I am going to give it a try.

God bless.