Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Open sourcing

  Been doing a bit of tech fiddling here ....

  Had an older scanner that I wanted to use.  And while the drivers loaded just fine, the imaging software "wasn't compatible."  (That's code for 'It's too darn old.')  Tried the manufacturer's site, but no luck.  It was 'no longer supported." (See previous code.)

   So the Internets came to the rescue:  A bit of Googling, and I came upon a blogger who recommended a particular open-source software.  Gave it a try, and bingo!  My scanner is back in business.

Haven't had as much luck trying to find some personal finance software.  I'm looking for something rather simple -- don't need to make pie charts, or forecast my budget into the next millenium.  The first one had the features I wanted, but it kept crashing.  The second one had good reviews, but it wouldn't work properly, either.

I have another candidate in mind ... perhaps the third time will be the charm.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried making a financial program for yourself using Excel? I don't think it would be to difficult to make. Just a thought.

Jackie said...

Hey DW, we use an Excel spreadsheet for our finances. Might it work for you?

Good save on the scanner.

God bless.