Monday, January 14, 2013

Are you above or below average

In technology spending, that is ...

Read an interesting story in the Wall Street Journal this weekend about how one can cut costs for phone, cell phone, TV and Internet service.

 The main idea seemed to be that you can lower costs by bundling services.  That's OK, but there was very little mention of cutting services, and none about using  a pay-as-you-go phone plan. (Though it did mention that 36% of U.S. households were cell phone-only in the first half of last year.)

But the numbers caught my eye -- according to the story:

The average American household spent $2,600 for tech services in 2011.  Households with income above $100,000 spent $3,100.

The average individual cell phone plan is $71 a month; a family plan is $139.

The average cost of pay TV is $86 per month.

So is the Casa de Chaos above or below?  Well, below.  The pay TV cord was cut a couple of years ago; the cellphone plans are pay-as-you-go voice only....  

So how about you?  Are you above or below?  Do these costs seem about right, or do the estimates seem out of line?


Living on Less Money said...

I was wondering what plan you use for your cell phone that is 'pay as you go'? Also, how much does it cost you a month?

Anonymous said...

I actually think those national numbers seem low when I think about all the tech gadgets people use these days. Did the article factor in the initial cost of buying the TVs, computers, and cell phones?

For our house, we spend $54 a month for Internet service. That's high, but it's the only carrier in our area, and we need reliable service for my husband's and daughter's college work. (I'm trying to tell myself the monthly bill is an investment in their education.)

We spend $125 each month for three cell phones. That seems like the national average. We don't have a landline.

We don't pay for TV, although we do have the $7.99 per month Netflix streaming service.

DW said...

Stacie .. sounds like your family comes in below average in spending ... but to answer your question, no, the story didn't factor in the costs of buying the gadgets. It's just the cost of using them ...

DW said...

Living ... I use T-mobile. They have a good plan, though it takes a bit more $ upfront. If you buy the $100 card, the minutes last for a year and and any additional time you buy will last the year, too. (Unused minutes also roll over) So I can buy a $30 or $50 card (I think those are the current prices) and keep the plan going for another year.
I think Tracfone has something similiar ... but I don't know the details.

Jackie said...

Whew, we are below on all catagories. Thank heavens.

God Bless.