Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When the repairman says ...

... "Ma'am, you need to come and look at this,"  You know you're in big trouble ...

    Yep, something else is broken here at the Casa de Chaos.  This time it's the furnace. 

   Started when the blower wouldn't come on ... I thought it was likely a relay switch, since the manual setting worked.

  The relay was blown, all right.  Unfortunately, the repair guy found something else: A cracked heat exchanger.  Definitely bad. Potentially fatal bad ... .

So in the space of a half hour ... we went from expensive repair to very expensive replacement.   (We did the AC, too ... I suspect it would have blown up just for spite next summer.)

I'm not really surprised; the furnace was old enough to vote, after all.  I would have liked to have gotten the dishwasher repaired first. On the other hand, dishwashers are optional; furnaces are not.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Glad no one in your family was hurt!
Doesn't it seem like everything breaks around Christmas? (I suppose the upside to that is we know what to ask for gift-wise!)

DW said...

No kidding ... though I think the house is getting the big presents this Christmas, LOL!