Thursday, November 8, 2012

Now how did I do that?

     Think I mentioned that I was sewing new curtains for the patio door.  

     Got them finished and up .. and actually, they look pretty good, though I haven't solved the problem of lining them, or putting up something else to cut the draft from the door.

     Unfortunately, I have a more immediate problem.  Despite all my measuring and planning, I discovered that the curtains are a good TWO INCHES short .... gaack!   There's obviously something I missed.

    Fortunately, it's easily fixed ... I just have to let out the hem.  And the old curtains washed up better than I expected, so they can go back in the window while I fix this.

     I'm still annoyed, though.  When I finish a project, I like it to stay finished.  Oh, well ...


Anonymous said...

Instead of ripping out and resewing the hem, could you just add a contrasting fabric to the bottom?

DW said...

Good thought, Stacie ... certainly something to consider.