Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lotsa tomatoes

  Been in stock-up mode here at the Casa de Chaos ... must be the change of seasons.

   Anyway, took the annual trip to my favorite salvage/bulk food stores to replenish the pantry ... which was getting bare spots in certain areas.

      I was definitely hoping for some good prices on canned tomatoes, since the garden wasn't going to come close to filling that gap this year.

      Found them ... in one of the two crazy deals on this trip.   A box of 18  cans of tomatoes (14.5oz) for $2.99!  The only catch ... no individual labels.   (So I'm going to be really annoyed if I have 18 cans of green beans, LOL!)

     Crazy deal No. 2 -- a 10 lb bag of  ziti for $3.90!  

    Guess what's for dinner?



CTMOM said...

Use a black crayon or sharpie and mark the cans "tomatoes"-a simple fix. Great deals!

DW said...

Good idea, thanks!