Thursday, October 18, 2012

A seedy post

  No, no ... not gardens again ...  (and not anything else ... shame on you, LOL!)

  We're talking squash seeds here.  Roasted squash seeds, to be exact, which is one of my favorite fall snacks.

   I've found you can roast just about any kind of squash seed ... acorn, butternut ...  the thick Hubbard seeds may be the only exception. (I've practially burned them and they still don't get a crunch.)

   I like to soak the seeds in a sour-cream sized container of salt water (use at least a couple of tablespoons of salt) for at least 24 hours.  A couple of days is even better, just shake the container once in a while.

      Then, I drain the seeds (don't rinse) and spread them out on a cookie sheet.  Roast at about 250 degrees, stirring occasionally for about an hour, or until the seeds are crunchy.

     At my house, the seeds are the foundation for trail mix ... a good way to use up those tiny bits of raisins,  nuts and chocolate chips that might be hanging around the pantry.  

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Jackie said...

Sounds yummy. I will have to remember to try soaking them before roasting next time.

God bless.11