Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This ever happen to you?

     Those of you who sew will appreciate this ....

      I was hurrying to make some headway on my new patio curtain. (I know, I know, first mistake :)
 Kept having problems with the bobbin.   Couldn't get the thread to catch ... and when I finally did, it made a mess of my seam.
      Finally took the bobbin out to look at it ... idjit here had the wrong bobbin in the machine.   I have 2 sets ... one that I use to hold that extra thread from sewing projects (you know how it goes ... not enough to wind back on the spool, but too much to throw away.).  The other is the set that actually works in the machine.

     Once I got the right one in, thing went much better ...

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I have done this many times DW. I now put a bit of nail polish on the bobbins that fit my machine. I no longer get them mixed up.