Saturday, September 22, 2012

Early winter?

  I've been watching the weather closely here at the Casa de Chaos.   The weather report is calling for a frost in the next couple of days -- a full two weeks before we normally worry about such things.

  In the meantime, I've picked a half-dozen tomatoes, and about a half gallon of green beans. 

  Still to come: an eggplant, another small cuke and some peppers.

  I planted another crop of lettuce in  pots -- they sprouted and are growing nicely. (But will have to come in if there's frost.)

  The harvest will be modest this year, but I'm happy to get whatever I can.  I'm just hoping to nurse a few things along until the freeze hits ... which may be sooner than normal this year.


Jackie said...

DW, our garden did not grow as well either this year. I did manage to get a couple of large eggplants a few weeks ago, but the ones I picked before the frost we got last night are stunted. Hope to get at least another few meals out of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi wofT the cheapskate50 from the d/s forum checking out your blog once in awhile I got one tomany tomatoes trying to use them up and marinaria sauce needs to be made and stewing tomatoes to make a slightly undercooked minastroni soup to freeze.