Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A pie keeper

One of the things that came from my late DM  was this microwave pot ... kind of a dutch oven.  It hasn't gotten much use here because the previous microwaves were too small for it.

  Anyway, I found a new use for it ... impromptu pie keeper.  The lid nicely holds a pie plate, and I just turned the pot over it. Much neater than trying to wrangle plastic wrap over a cream pie. 

It's a bit tall, but should I have a nice, fat pie ...

Oh, the pie ... I just got a box of instant vanilla pudding from the pantry, and alternated layers of pudding and fresh banana slices in a baked pie crust.  Top with whipped topping.Yummy!

(Now someone please remind me that the next time I used whipped topping, it's less messy if I just top each slice, rather than the whole thing.  After the first two slices, the poor thing kind of fell in on itself.)


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