Sunday, August 19, 2012

My odd bargain

     One thing I've learned is that bargains can pop up in the darndest places.

     Case in point:  We finally used up the industrial-size bottle of hand sanitizer that we use to refill the various small bottles in the car, house, office, etc...   Unfortunately, my favorite warehouse club didn't have any, so I've been hunting.

      We happened to swing by the household cleaner aisle of the big-box hardware store the other day, and found lots of sanitizer.  They had 44 ounce bottles of the stuff ... the catch was that they were refill bottles for commercial dispensers.

     But they were 50 cents each!

     So, you'd better believe I grabbed a couple of those babies.  Took em home and poured one (and half another one) into the industrial-size bottle.    I may have to call my friend, the teacher, and offer her the rest for her classroom ... unless I want to start bathing in the stuff.



Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a great deal! I usually make my own hand sanitizer, especially during back to school and flu seasons, when the prices are higher than usual. I use one part aloe vera gel (sold next to sunscreen) and three parts rubbing alcohol. It makes a thin solution, but you can thicken it up with more aloe vera gel.
But I don't think that homemade formula would be as good a deal as what you just found!

DW said...

Stacie, making your own is a good idea, too! I'll have to remember that next time ... which might actually be a very long time, LOL!