Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bright idea: A calling card

 I stole this idea from one of my neighbors. 

 She dropped by to ask if we'd keep an eye on things while she and her family were out of town.  When I asked for her cell phone number, she handed me a little business card with hers and her DH's numbers.

 I thought that was kind of cool. (And much easier to keep track of than a slip of paper, LOL!)

 It certainly would be easy enough to do -- just download one of the free templates out there, fill in whatever information you need to give out, and print on card stock.   Presto!


Amy K, said...

You could also try something like Vistaprint. I've considered that for printing my and my husband's info, for setting up play dates with other parents at our daughter's daycare. 250 free seems like more than enough. I don't remember what they charge for shipping though!

Amy K said...

Hahahaha! After going through the Vistaprint setup and deciding it probably IS worth $5.50 in shipping I remembered that we already have cardstock. Time to fire up typesetting software and try out this idea.

DW said...

Let us know how it comes out!