Saturday, July 21, 2012

Do they really come in threes?

  Odd things going on here ....

   The workhorse printer sent out a "waste ink absorber is almost full" message. That's a new one on me, and I discovered something interesting.  But  more on that in the next post ... (yes, I'm a tease, sorry ;)

    More urgently, when I headed  to work yesterday, the car wouldn't start.  Had lights, radio, etc, but when I turned the key -- silence.  Second try, it started, but the low-tire warming light began blinking incessantly.  I turned it off, got out and looked at the tires just to make sure I hadn't developed four flats..  When I tried to start it again, no go.  DH tried to jump-start it, but that wouldn't take.
        Long story short, got the car started (with a constantly blinking tire light and flashing tail lights)        The garage folks listened to the symptoms and said, " Sounds like an electrical problem, and we don't do electrical. Here's a place you can take it to." (On the other side of town ... )
         So, the car's back home until I can get it to the shop on Monday.   I can think of a couple of good things: 1) The car died in my driveway, not out on the road.  2) The garage was honest enough to say they couldn't fix it.

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