Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well, duh!

    I'm the first to admit that organization isn't always in abundance here at the Casa de Chaos.  Things don't always get put away properly, so they sit around.

  Case in point:   We've got a couple of insulated bags that we pack work lunches in.  I've had no good place to put them, so they get tossed on a table (which has way too much junk on it anyway.)

  I was digging through a junk drawer when I came upon a self-adhesive hook that no longer stuck.   Thought it about it for a moment, then grabbed one of those adhesive strips ... the kind that come loose when you pull on the bottom.    Applied the strip and stuck the hook onto the cart that holds my bread machine.
      Presto!   A place to put the lunch bags.   

      So why didn't I think about this before?

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