Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm gonna need more ink

I've noticed an interesting trend ... things are coming without instructions.

I bought an electronic gadget that needs some setting up. There was absolutely nothing in the box ... no manual, no quick-start guide, not even a mention of where I might find the information.

I had to go to the company's Web site, where I finally found a link to the owner's manual. It was all there in PDF form ... and if I wanted a copy, I'd have to print it out myself. All 64 pages of it.

Yeah, I know, it's cost cutting, though it seems more like cost-shifting to me.


Anonymous said...

Cost-shifting...that's a new term to me, and I think I'll use it. My husband's college textbooks are more often coming loose-leaf, unbound, and shrink-wrapped. The minute you open that wrapper, you can't return it. It's the student's job to buy a binder for the pages. However, the marketing geniuses behind this ploy tout that you can take only the chapters you need for each lecture. And the looseleaf concept saves the student money! (Now I don't agree with that at all, as most of the textbooks are still the same price or higher than the bound books.)But even if it were a bit cheaper, your needing to buy a separate binder means you're still spending the same amount of money. Cost-shifting if I ever saw it!

DW said...

Stacie, that's seriously insane! Sounds like a recipe for disaster ... I can see some less-than-organized student losing some of those pages!
Besides, I kept several of the books from my major (they occasionally come in handy). Not so easy to do with a bunch of loose-leaf pages.