Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden report: Who invited you?

I was checking my garden  ... and have you ever looked at a place and realized something was missing, but not quite sure what it was?

It took a minute, then I realized: my geraniums were gone! Both of them!
A little digging, and I found them ... they'd been bitten off nearly down to the roots!

 I strongly suspect the resident bunnies are at it again. It's been dry, and they're eating anything with water content. Hopefully, the plants will recover ... and this time I'll douse them with red pepper.

Otherwise, things are going nicely. My Roma's are in bloom, as is one of my pepper plants. The beans are coming up, but I'm having more trouble than usual with bugs. I 've had to replant in a couple of spaces because the little plants got chomped on.

The cooler weather has extended the lettuce season, and the onion and garlic tops are very nice additions to my salads and soups ...

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