Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just add water

The younger cats here at the Casa de Chaos, Big Boy and Little Girl, are normally good eaters. (BB, who vacuums up food, reminds me a lot of a teen-age boy, which I suppose he is.)

Their kibble comes as little triangles (perhaps cats love pointy food). But apparently when these two munch, they break off the little points, which pile up in their food bowls.

I don't know if they can't grab the little pieces, or don't like to eat crumbs ... they just gave me puzzled looks when I point to the growing pile.

So, the other day, I added a bit of warm water to the crumbs and let it sit for a bit. (Anyone remember that dog food, Gravy Train? Same theory.)

Well, the now-soft food was a hit! They cleaned their dishes ... then demanded their regular portion of dinner.

I don't know why it worked ... don't even know if it will work again. But at least I didn't have to throw out a dish of food.

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