Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Parts is parts

Until you can't find them, that is.

I had to clean out the bathroom sink drain. And when I popped out the stopper, I found that the little doodad that lifts the stopper up and down (formally known as a ball-rod assembly) had badly corroded, and was about to snap.
It looked easy enough to fix ... just buy another rod and replace.

The first big-box had the single rods ... but it was too small. Best they could do was a "universal" kit with several different size balls (and a confusing diagram on how to assemble the assembly).

When I went to the second big-box, the clerk looked at me and said, "Oh, they don't make those any more." He wanted to sell me an entire kit ... drain, stopper and rod ball assembly. Uh, the drain and the stopper are just fine, thanks.

So, we decided to try one of the locally owned hardware stores. They had just what I was looking for ... the catch was it came in a package of 2. Considering that the original rod had snapped as it was being transported ... I was in no position to argue. Ten minutes doing contortions under the sink,and I had a working stopper again.

I'm not sure what the moral is here ...Buy from local stores? Or don't give up till you find what you need? Take your pick.

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