Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden report: It's in!

 Apologies ... I've neglected things here for a bit to catch up with my to-do list.

Anyway ... my annual exercise in optimism .. otherwise known as my garden  ... is in.

I had hoped to have my planting started a month earlier, but we had payback for those lovely 80- degree days in March.

Most of this year's garden is the usual stuff ... beans, tomatoes and peppers. I'm trying eggplant again, and I also found a bush cucumber, which I planted in the front garden. (I'm hiding it behind the flowers, LOL). Hopefully, the addition of new compost will give everything a boost.

     I had to replant my container lettuce and herbs because hauling them in and out of the garage every time we had a frost took its toll on them.  Though it was darn nice to have baby lettuce in April ;)

So, here we go, let the growing begin!

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