Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food stamp challenge

     Noticed in the news last week that chef Mario Batali (Food Network, et al) and his family had taken a challenge to eat on the average amount of food stamps given to a family of four -- $124.00  or $31 per person per week.
       Turns out that even celebrity chefs have to use the basics of bargain shopping: going to more than one store, depending on protein sources other than meat. He even admits that shopping organic went out the window pretty quickly on this budget.
       Admittedly, my first thought was that my average food spending comes in under the food stamp average. But I also realize that I have a pantry to back me up, and the financial ability to shop for that pantry ... a luxury that I might not have if I were having to use food-stamp benefits.   And feeding kids is much different than feeding adtuls...
       Anyway, I'll give him kudos for trying. (Wish he'd included some recipes with that grocery list.)  Check out the link that leads to his grocery list and a video.


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