Sunday, April 15, 2012

You'd think I'd learn

In my attempts to declutter, I thought I'd give the online auction site another try. Hey, they weren't charging a listing fee, so what did I have to lose? (famous last words).

I listed a sports T-shirt for 99 cents in hopes of getting some bids. (First mistake.) In case you know where this is going ... you're right. It sold -- for 99 cents.

The real shock came when I saw the fees. I expected to pay a fee on the sale price. I expected to pay a fee to the online payment folks. I didn't expect that the auction folks also were going to take a cut of the shipping and handling costs. (Second mistake: I should have read the rules again ... and yeah, I know, some folks likely charged whopping S&H in an attempt to circumvent fees, thus the charge.)

And one more mistake: I should have sent it 1st Class mail ... not Priority. Would have saved on postage costs.

So, when all was said and done, I made a whopping 30 cents on the deal. Fortunately, I sold something else for more than 99 cents, so the exercise wasn't an entire bust.

Sigh. I know, this is business and folks have to make $$. But it's discouraging. I have a couple of other things to sell, but this time I'll be adding on even more $$ to cover the fees. I suspect though, the higher prices will mean fewer buyers ...


Stacie said...

Ack, what a hassle! I've never sold anything online, I had no idea those fees were added on. Wow!

DW said...

I'm going to consider this a learning experience ;)