Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ahh ... that's more like it

There's a new addition at my office: one of those single-cup brewers that uses the little "cups" of coffee, tea or whatever.

While I understand the convenience, (especially in an office setting, where traditional coffee pots can be a real mess) I've been kind of skeptical about these brewers. I personally think the price of those "cups" is insane. (I know, some folks don't ... YMMV.)

Anyway, I was checking out the new machine and discovered this one had an extra part: A little holder with a mesh filter inside. Turns out you can use any loose coffee or tea you want ... put a tablespoon or so of grounds in the mesh basket, pop the holder into the machine and hit the button. Voila! Fresh-brewed coffee.

'Course, you gotta wash out the holder and filter. But a small can of coffee is still less expensive than the single cups ... and there's less waste going to the landfill.

And now I can get my caffeine fix in a hurry! Bwwaa haa!


Amy K said...


Amy K said...

Neat! My credit union has an individual cup brewer like that, and my mom also has one and loves it, but I've been too cheap to get one in part because of the cost of the little cups. Maybe I'll have to look into it again.