Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thinking out of the ... stall

Fair warning: We're talking kitty litter again ... though nothing too graphic this time.

Anyway, back in August, I was talking about switching to the pine pellets for my furbabies. The stuff works pretty well, but price wise, I have to hold my nose when I buy it.

As it happens, we were at one of those farm supply stores. (Hey, I'm a city kid, these places fascinate me. Who knew you could buy giant blocks of salt and post-hole diggers at the same store?) Ahem .... anyway, while wandering through the aisles of giant sacks of chicken feed and goat food, I came upon 40lb bags of pine pellet horse bedding.

This stuff looked just like the pellets I'm buying at the pet store. The bag indicates that it does the same thing as the cat litter. And best of all -- it was a third of the price!

Oh, yeah. Gotta try this.

So I bought a bag. So far, so good. Nobody's complaining. Course, when I check on the Internets, I find people have been using this stuff for years. Ah well, at least I now have an excuse to poke around the farm store again, LOL!

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