Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose

Been trying to clean some of the landfill out of the casa de chaos. In between the pitching, I found a way to repurpose a couple of items:

My sewing room/junk room's window was in need of a new sheer curtain. I happened to have an old one from the living room, but it was about 3 inches too short. I realized that said curtain had a very deep hem. So I undid it, and gained enough length to cover the window. To be honest, I wouldn't use it in a more public area of the house, but it works for this room.

My cloth napkin collection is growing. Yay! But what's not so great is that it's outgrown the little container that was holding them. But, my SIL gave us a gift basket for Christmas --- with an actual basket large enough to hold the napkins! (I may swap it with the basket I use to for my pot holders. Not that the darn pot holders are going to stay put ... or should I say, be put back.)

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