Friday, February 24, 2012

A cluck, cluck ... er, not here

Maybe it's because we're heading into spring, but I'm seeing lots of articles and forum posts about raising chickens in the backyard.

The idea of fresh eggs is quite tempting ... but I can think of several reasons why this isn't a good idea here at the casa de chaos:

1) I don't have a fenced-in yard. Don't want to chase escaped birds down the street ... though it might amuse the neighbors.

2) The homeowners' association might get a bit testy.

3) I don't need a feathered alarm clock to wake me at dawn.

4) Don't want to invite the area coyotes into my yard. (My neighbors are quite nervous about the resident coyotes ... this might send them over the edge.)

5) My vet bills would go up. If they saw chickens outside, my cats would likely get concussions from running full speed into the windows.

6) And the real reason ... once the hens were too old to lay, there's no way on Earth I could turn them into dinner. (I know ... I'm a coward. If I had to be self-sufficient, I'd have to be a vegetarian.)

1 comment:

Stacie said...

Thanks for the laugh, DW!
My husband and I have thought about chickens, but we live within city limits where livestock is prohibited.
FYI (But you probably already know): Your hens will lay eggs even if you don't have a rooster. An added bonus is that you're sure none of the eggs will be fertilized.
I'm with ya about making a chicken dinner, though. That would definitely be someone else's chore!