Thursday, January 5, 2012

Taking the easy way out

We've been Mr and Mrs. Fix-it here at the casa de chaos lately ... gluing a broken drawer, restringing a roman shade, replacing a headlight bulb ...

One of my missions has been to get through the pile of mending ... 98% of which is patching the knees on DH's work-outside pants.

Normally, I'd machine-sew the patch on and hand stitch the rough edges ... but that takes time I don't really have right now. And it's a pain in the neck to wrestle a pant leg around a sewing machine.
So I decided to get efficient. I bought a role of iron-on adhesive .... a few snips, and a few minutes with an iron .. and voila! Patched pants.

Now the one drawback: I haven't washed any of these pants yet. More importantly, I haven't run them through the dryer. So I may get a nasty surprise ... or not...

UPDATE: It worked! Ran a pair of those pants through the washer and dryer -- the patch held. Unfortunately, the pants developed another hole, right below the patch! $%!#!!!

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