Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What do you mean, we're out?

One of the pitfalls of keeping a "pantry" of anything is that sometimes you think you're better prepared than you really are.

Case in point: I've been wrapping Christmas gifts tonight. I looked for a small gift box .... nope.

Tape? Oh sure, three rolls. Ack! All three rolls are down to the end!

I can punt on the small box and use a gift bag instead. The tape is a different matter.

Well, at least it isn't Christmas Eve!

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Stacie said...

We must be kindred spirits, DW! I often go hunting for a roll of tape. Daughter often has taken it. Trouble is, she KEEPS taking the tape, and has about three rolls in her room. (And yes, they're all down to the end of the roll!)