Friday, November 4, 2011

Pardon me while I bang my head against the wall

The insurance company my employer uses has been sending me emails all summer. I needed to fill out a health risk assessment, it said, or face A BIG HONKING INCREASE IN MY PREMIUMS!!!!

I'd done my best to ignore them, but finally, the deadline approached. So I made a trip to my doc's office to get the results of my last physical. Then I spent a good hour registering on their Web site and filling out the survey.

Today, my company sends out a notice: It's changing health insurers next year!

And, oh, yeah, I could see a BIG HONKING INCREASE in my premiums ....

Gee, thanks ....

(Ya know, these decisions aren't made on a whim. Would have been nice to be warned .... )

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Anonymous said...

How frustrating! Is there a way to get any discounts for being in good health?