Friday, October 7, 2011

Well, duh!

The electric bill seemed a bit high this month, so we went on a 'vampire' hunt -- looking for things that draw power even when they're not used. (That is, besides the lights ....)

For starters, we realized that our now-busticated TV was still plugged in, happily drawing power for its "instant-on" feature. Ditto for the converter box.
I discovered that the breadmaker was still plugged in, also drawing power for its timer.

I also pulled out the Felaway diffuser, which is supposed to help calm skittish cats down. It had gone dry ... and unfortunately wasn't much help anyway.

We also yanked the plug on a couple of other appliances we weren't using, though I'm not sure if they were drawing any power.

Hopefully, pulling a few of these vampires took a small bite out of the bill ....

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