Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inadvertant negotiations

Sometimes, you get a surprise ....

I called our usual HVAC company to schedule the fall tune-up for our furnace (thought it would be nice to do this before we start getting snow).

Had a coupon for a $40 furnace "inspection." Is this the same as the tune-up, I asked.
Well, no. The company was charging $40 for someone to just look at the thing ...

Er .. so how much is a tune-up? $90, was the answer.

Since I had a competitor's coupon that offered an actual tune-up for $55, I decided to pass. When I told her no thanks, she suggested their service plan, which would bring the cost down to $80.

No thanks, I said again.

At that point, she mentioned that they had an online special ... a furnace tune-up for $45.

That was an offer I couldn't refuse. So I scheduled a call. We'll see how it works out ...

1 comment:

Stacie said...

I think it's interesting that she didn't mention the Internet special up front...hmmmm.