Saturday, September 17, 2011

Off to the market

Recently, during a quick stop in Cleveland, Ohio, we got to see a real, live city market. The Westside Market was opened in 1912, and has continued to serve its urban neighborhood.

The times, I suppose, have forced some changes -- the market is only open four days a week. But there was a good crowd the day we were there.

I thought it was fascinating to walk around and look at all the various foods offered for sale. Cleveland has held on to its ethnic heritages, so it there were plenty of foods represented, from Italian to Eastern European.

Unfortunately, we couldn't buy anything perishable, but we did hit the coffee stand and a bakery for breakfast (and some cookies to take home). Also got a good deal on some produce (which is in a separate building).

It made me nostalgic for the city market in my hometown, which can't seem to make a go of it as a real market ...

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am soooo jealous! The "farmers market" our town offers during the summer months sells VERY little produce. In fact, I've never actually seen any! It's more of an art bazaar than anything else.