Friday, September 23, 2011

It finally gave out

Can't believe it's been almost 2 years since I did this post about the Velux blanket that I salvaged:

Well, time caught up with the old blanket ... it started getting threadbare at the top. I had another piece of fleece to use for a patch, but I decided to wash the blanket first to see if it would survive.

It didn't. In fact, it made another **$%@!! mess in my washer.

But in case you were wondering, the fleece strip survived just fine. I cut it off before I threw out the blanket.

Maybe I will make that fleece pad for the cats after all.


CTMOM said...

Many years ago, we had a Vellux blanket, very warm, soft, etc. They just rot, can't explain how they deteriorate otherwise. I cut off the most damaged part, resewed a hem, we kept using it, until the body of the blanket just disinegrated. : ( I agree-major mess in the washer. Grrr . . have since discovered fleece blankets, our first was one from Germany, bought at Costco. Still serving us well, no rotting issues either. Washes beautifully. Have others, either given to us or thrift shop finds. : )

DW said...

You're right .. I think the foam part rots.
One day (ha, ha!) I may do a patchwork of my fleece bits and use that as an extra blanket during the winter ...